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Delivery Of Your Household Goods

Upon delivery of your household goods, make sure to check that all your household goods have arrived, and arrive in the same condition they were picked up in. This is extremely important.

Should you discover that your household goods were damaged upon pick-up or delivery, make sure you note it on the contract before you sign. If some items are missing, you should note that on the contract as well. If you sign your contract stipulating that you have received all your goods in the same condition they were picked up in, we are assuming you received all your goods undamaged, and therefore any items claimed to be missing or damaged will be questioned.

In addition, should you not agree with the final price on the contact, state it on the contract and then sign. If you sign the contract without stating your price dispute, damages, missing items or any of your grievances, then we will assume you agreed to the contract and its terms. In addition, we will assume that you were satisfied with your move, agreed to the price, and that none of your belongings are missing or damaged.

You have to understand that once you receive all of your shipment, you can say that you are missing a box with a million dollars inside. We have no way of knowing if in fact there was a box with a million dollars inside and if it was in fact missing, if it's not noted on the contract. It is your word against the moving company's. So make your contract count and speak up for yourself.

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